Benefits of an Automated Thermostat

Your home likely has a thermostat that is your lifeline in the summer and winter. You may be looking to repair or replace this thermostat.

More advanced tech is developing every year, and you’ll want to take advantage of the new products available. These items can make the climate of your home more pleasant. For 2020 and beyond, let us take a closer look at some benefits of an automated thermostat.

Ideal Temperature

To start things off, an automated thermostat is perfect for nailing that ideal temperature you have in mind. A traditional thermostat requires you to fiddle with the knob until it’s just right. An automated thermostat has a beautiful interface through which you can request a certain temperature on demand.

Even better, these automated systems are more accurate than ever. You’ll find that these products reach the correct temperature within minutes of your input. In the dead of winter, every degree really does matter.

Don’t settle for a subpar thermostat that only gets close to the climate you have in mind. It’s your home, and you should be able to control the climate exactly how you wish. An automated thermostat allows you to do so with the touch of a button.

In particular, these thermostats are fantastic at handling cooler climates. When the temperature drops, it is usually more difficult to nail the perfect number simply due to how thermostats are designed. However, automated thermostats don’t have that sort of limitation. With supercooling technology, they can home in on chillier climates for individuals with that sort of preference.

Lower Energy Bills

Next, automated thermostats lead to lower energy bills. Most of them automatically stop cooling once you leave a certain radius around your home. This is an extremely valuable feature for when you go to work in the morning.

As long as you have cellular service, the GPS system can track your location and shut off the thermostat automatically. Just make sure that your final destination is outside of that one-mile radius, or whatever you set it to.

Similarly, once you enter that radius in the afternoon, the thermostat will begin cooling. By the time you park your car in the garage and open the door to your home, the living room will be nice and chilled for your comfort. In essence, these automated thermostats minimize the amount of time they are active. This could save you hundreds of dollars on electricity every year as opposed to leaving the thermostat on throughout the whole day.

Hands-Free System

As the name suggests, automated thermostats are hands-free systems. There’s nothing worse than being weighed down by the settings of a manual thermostat.

As you try to complete your daily chores and routines, you don’t want to have to control the thermostat every second. An automated thermostat detects the indoor temperature and makes fine adjustments for you. You can also program it to turn on and off at certain times of the day.

Even better, these thermostats come with the latest AI. They learn your preferences and habits over time and adjust the climate of your home without you knowing.

This is a good thing; if you don’t notice anything wrong with the temperature, the work has already been done. In this regard, no news is good news. This also reduces the number of germs that are passed around on these products.

While your home is likely clean in general, bacteria and other germs exist on surfaces no matter how much soap you use. With a conventional thermostat, you, your spouse and your children may all be pressing buttons to adjust the temperature. In the case of your children, you may want them to keep their hands to themselves. With an automated thermostat, this is not an issue.

Some of these products even allow you to use voice control to change the temperature. We all know how much voice recognition has improved in the last few years, and these devices are surprisingly accurate. Speak in a loud voice from across the room, and the temperature will magically drop. These automated thermostats make the hard decisions for you so that you can concentrate on bigger and better things.

Simpler Interface

Automated thermostats tend to have simpler interfaces as well. At first glance, this might not seem obvious. Because this involves so much tech, you might think that the interface is complicated overall. Fortunately, the manufacturers have created cool, simplified designs that aren’t difficult to handle at all.

At setup, you’ll be guided through all the features of your thermostat. It’s very similar to a traditional thermostat but more efficient overall. These automated thermostats have large, responsive buttons on the interface that allow you to change settings with one or two touches.

Many products also come with a wireless remote that allows you to have control even in a completely separate room. If you’re in the kitchen and want to turn things down by a few degrees, you can tap the remote with ease.

Not only do you even have control over the thermostat while you’re not at home, as long as you have internet access, you can control the thermostat via an app on your phone. If your kids aren’t sure how to handle things while you are away, tell them to text message you so that you can do it remotely.

Less Wear and Tear

Last but not least, automated thermostats are not as prone to wear and tear. First of all, you don’t have to constantly press all of the buttons mentioned above. This leads to a cleaner interface that won’t break down over time.

From the exterior, the thermostat minimizes the amount of interaction that is necessary. From the interior, these products are minimizing wear and tear as well.

Because everything is automated, the system has a natural flow to it that works in harmony. All of the different components complement one another and don’t create friction within the system. As a result, the lifespan of these thermostats tends to be a few years longer than their manual counterparts.

In fact, because they are so modern, we haven’t even seen too many cases of them reaching the end of their lifespan. For a busy homeowner, you should prioritize this sort of stability in every purchase.

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