March 16, 2016

The cost of air conditioning seems to rise higher and higher each year here in Las Vegas. But there is a way to save on those utility bills. We are now discovering the money-saving advantages of solar power. Today, there are air conditioning systems that are solar-powered. You can learn about these revolutionary systems at your local HVAC provider, The Cooling Company.

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The idea of the sun helping to cool your home probably may sound counter-intuitive. Basically the solar panels capture the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity.

The Advantages of Solar Powered Air Conditioner Units

So what’s the big deal about these types of units anyway, and why should you spend the extra money to install one for your home?

1. Amazing Tax Benefits

The Federal Government, and certain states, offer tax credits when renewable energy systems are installed.

Under the Federal HVAC Credit, Nevada offers tax credits of up to $1000 for those individuals who make the switch to renewable sources of heating and air conditioning.

2. Lower Energy Bills

Solar-powered HVAC systems can also reduce your utility costs in the long run. Once the system is installed, the cost of heating and cooling your residence or place of business is reduced to near nothing! The system pays for itself when you consider what you’ll save on your energy bill. According to statistics from the US Department of Energy, heating and cooling contribute to over half of your average utility bill!

3. The Ability to Monetize Excess Energy

Utility companies in your area may also offer incentives when you install a solar AC system. In fact, many utility companies will buy back excess electricity from you. The renewable energy industry is a tad political here in Nevada at the moment, so be sure to check in with your utility company before making your decision.

4. You Can Brag About Going Green

Solar energy is the cleanest form of energy because it does not produce carbon dioxide emissions like the energy generated by power plants. Unlike gas, coal or oil, the energy from the sun is unlimited. If solar energy becomes widely used, our dependency on foreign oil can be reduced.

4. Our Area Is Perfect for It

When you consider that the Southwest can have over 300 days of sunshine per year, solar power is an ideal solution to the high cost of air conditioning in your home.

5. Outages Will Not Effect You

Solar-powered HVAC systems don’t rely on the power grid, so your home or office will remain at the perfect temperature, even when inclement weather or issues with power lines knock out conventionally powered systems.

6. Renewable Is the Future

When considering a growing population and dwindling non-renewable resources, finding sources renewable energy is just the smart thing to do. In Nevada, there is no shortage of sunshine, so why not use it to your advantage? As long as the sun is shining, your home or office will remain perfectly comfortable! Join the renewable revolution and feel good about your contribution to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

The Types of Solar Air Conditioning Systems

Solar air conditioning units are installed as one of two forms: hybrid or evaporative coolers.

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioning Systems

The hybrid system uses a combination of photovoltaic technology, commonly called PV, with the direct current in your home. Its batteries are charged when the sun is out. Once the sun goes down, or it becomes cloudy, the system will run on the battery backup and charge the batteries through alternating current.

Evaporative Cooler Solar Air Conditioning System

An evaporative cooler gets the cooling effects from the evaporation of water. This type of solar power is only effective if used in a dry climate like Las Vegas. Evaporative coolers work best in tandem with conventional air conditioning systems, alleviating about 25% of the energy from the conventional system. If used on its own, the evaporative cooler may not economically sound in an area where water is expensive and scarce.

The Cooling Company offers units from the Lennox Signature Solar Collection when you are ready to go “solar”. Our technicians will be able to answer your questions about solar units, installation, costs, and savings. Call us today (702) 567-0707.

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