October 20, 2020

Most people who pay for a new air conditioning system will want that unit to perform well for as many years as possible. For this desire to become a reality, steps to promote the longevity of your air conditioner need to be taken as early as possible. The following tips will help you improve the lifespan of your AC unit as well as promote the optimal performance of your equipment.

1. Get Regular Tune-Ups

An annual tune-up provides one of the best ways to ensure that your air conditioning system will work properly for a good number of years. When a professional delivers regular maintenance to your AC unit, they are likely to discover any small problems, such as faulty motors or refrigerant leaks, before they cause damage.

Detecting these issues as early as possible is important because the norm for air conditioning systems is for one operational defect to lead to another. When these problems fester for too long, the entire unit bears the weight of the additional strain. Taking the time to ensure that the individual parts of your equipment are in proper working condition will keep the entire system operating at optimum performance levels for years. Tune-ups include:

  • Adding lubricants to bearings and motors
  • Air filter replacement
  • Coil cleaning
  • Checking and restoring refrigerant levels
  • Checking thermostat settings
  • Condensation drain cleaning
  • Voltage and amp checks
  • A test of all electrical connections

2. Change the Air Filter

The cleaning and replacement of air filters is very important to the health of an AC system, and owners should not wait for this to happen only during an annual tune-up. Your air conditioner will find it harder to perform the duties expected of it when filters become clogged. This extra strain on the unit can cause overheating and lead to breakdowns.

Some homeowners can get away with changing their filters three to four times a year. However, filter changes should happen more often for families who live in environments with a lot of dust. People who have pets or run their AC systems often will also need frequent filter changes.

3. Clear Debris

Dirt, debris, and grass clippings may accumulate around the outside part of your air conditioning system over time. These obstructions will eventually begin to obstruct the flow of air and negatively affect the performance of the AC unit. There is also the danger that the large debris near your air conditioner can find its way inside the unit. This problem can result in significant damage to fans, motors, and other system components.

Make it a point to trim all plants and shrubs away from the cooling system. Rocks, branches, and other random objects that find their way into your yard should also be cleared away from the outdoor part of your AC unit.

4. Decrease the Workload

Your air conditioner is likely the main way that you and your family stay cool in the summer months. But, this does not mean it needs to become the only tool you possess to accomplish this goal. A ceiling fan is one appliance that can be used along with your air conditioner to cool your home. Using these appliances together will increase the air circulation in your house and decrease the amount of work required of the AC unit. The benefit to you is less money spent each month on your energy bill. It can also extend the lifespan of your cooling system.

Smart blinds, thick curtains, and reflective window films provide additional solutions for decreasing the temperature within your residence. Using these tools will also eliminate some of the workload demands on your air conditioner.

5. Run Auto Mode

Most air conditioners in use today possess automatic fan settings. These settings allow the air conditioner to perform the work necessary to meet the temperature desires of your family. This ability prevents the unit from having to keep up a demanding pace of work for an extended amount of time.

Air conditioners set to run at “high” settings will need the fan to work at near-maximum capacity even after reaching a comfortable temperature. Running your cooling system in this way will increase your energy bill and place unnecessary strain on the unit. Fans that run at constant high speeds will also result in the system accumulating more dust and debris in a shorter amount of time.

6. Get Your Ducts Cleaned

Dirt-filled air ducts are another problem that can decrease the amount of cold air that flows through your house. Dust and debris accumulate over time and can make it more difficult for air to pass through the AC system. Cleaning air ducts regularly will facilitate the free flow of air needed to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your residence. Regularly cleaning your air ducts will also improve the quality of air available to you and your family.

It is sufficient to clean your air ducts at least once a year. A great time to do so is in the spring months just before the heat of the summer requires full-time work from the AC system.

7. Check for Leaks

Checking for leaks should be another part of your AC maintenance protocol. Leaks will decrease the efficiency of the system and can lead to a complete breakdown if left unchecked.

The proper functioning of an air conditioner is dependent on its ability to maintain sufficient refrigerant to operate. It is sometimes difficult to detect a refrigerant leak since the fluid often escapes after conversion to a gaseous form. Some symptoms of a refrigerant leak include an oily spot on the floor, higher energy bills, and the inability of the AC system to maintain the desired temperature in the home.

Refrigerant is not the only substance that can leak from your cooling system. It is also normal to lose a bit of grease from the fan or the water that forms when the gas used by the system evaporates. A little runoff of both of these substances is no cause for concern, but you should consult a professional when these fluids become excessive.

8. Give the System a Rest

Air conditioners that run full-time will understandably wear out faster than systems that are required to do less. You should turn off your AC unit each time you plan to leave your house for a significant amount of time. Another strategy that will earn a bit of rest for your system is to set the thermostat at a higher temperature while you are home. You may find that you are able to raise the temperature on the thermostat a few degrees without affecting your overall comfort level.

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