October 17, 2016

A broken or rapidly dying thermostat can lead to significant homeowner discomfort during summer and winter months. For Las Vegas homeowners, the lack of a functioning thermostat in summer is particularly unbearable. Avoid that frustration by listening to the symptoms. These warning signs may be telling you to call for AC repair before issues become critical.

Common Symptoms of a Bad Home Thermostat

In some cases, a thermostat can die on you without warning, but that’s not always the case. Here are 5 such symptoms that provide homeowners the clues needed to get the brain behind your HVAC unit fixed quickly.

1. The Heater or Air Conditioner Refuses to Start

A wiring defect that causes the thermostat to lose its connection to the home’s heating and cooling system may be the issue. Additionally, it could be reading temperatures incorrectly and not turning heating or cooling on when needed.

Either way, these symptoms require the expertise of an HVAC professional to assess the cause of your heater/air conditioner’s malfunctioning to get your home HVAC system up and running once again.

2. Air Conditioner Runs Constantly and Won’t Turn Off

Another sign is if your AC runs perpetually without turning off. Once again, the cause of this malfunction could be that the wiring that turns heating and cooling off has broken or the thermostat is miscalibrated and is sending the wrong instructions to the HVAC system.

3. Changing the Batteries Did Not Help

If a thermostat is acting strangely, a change of batteries may be all that is needed. If you change the batteries and it is still unresponsive, it is time to contact a Las Vegas HVAC professional to troubleshoot the issue further.

4. There Are Differing Temperatures Throughout the Home

If rooms in the house substantially vary in temperature, this variance could be a sign that something is not working as intended. These temperature shifts occur when a thermostat switches the HVAC system on and off when it is not supposed to do so. As a result, rooms in the home that are furthest from the central unit will not receive an even distribution of the desired temperature for the home.

5. The Thermostat Has No Power or Is Unresponsive

One of the telltale signs that a thermostat is beginning to malfunction is when adjusting the temperature lever produces no change in home temperature. You may also want to watch out for an unlit display light or an unresponsive interface.

Ultimately, all technology falters at some point and needs to be replaced. Understanding the warning signs gives you time to prepare.

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