November 23, 2015

You spend a lot of money on utility bills, so you naturally look for ways to conserve energy. Naturally, you turn to your HVAC system, because of its load on your utilities and your wallet. When you ask for help in your fight against high energy costs, some HVAC companies will try to sell you a new, energy-efficient system. Buying a new system can torpedo your budget faster than your power bills can, so you keep trying the old fashioned strategies of staying cold in the winter and hot during the summer.

HVAC System Updates That Save You Money

HVAC technology evolves just like technology in other industries. You can leverage technology to upgrade rather than replace your HVAC system. Some of the options available to you will reduce your energy usage for many years to come. These 3 HVAC system updates will help you get started.

Zone Damper Systems

Ordinarily, you have one thermostat to control the climate in your entire house. A zone damper system segments your home, adding additional thermostats, so you can stop spending money heating and cooling rooms that you rarely, if ever, use. The system can also help compensate for rooms that naturally stay warmer or cooler than the rest of your house.

Mobile HVAC Controls

Your mobile phone can remotely monitor the climate inside your home and allow you to adjust your thermostat accordingly. You can program your thermostat to send you mobile alerts based on temperature or humidity, giving you the ability to exercise tight control over your HVAC system and your utility bills.

Duct Resealing

Use modern techniques to patch leaking ductwork. Original installations of HVAC ductwork often use substandard sealants that degrade over time. You can have modern duct sealants installed that provide R-6 or R-8 insulation and meet UL 181 standards. By upgrading the seals in your ductwork, you can pocket huge savings that will keep your current HVAC system affordable well into the future. Additionally, you can use antimicrobial duct lining to reduce the number of allergens and pathogens circulating in your home.

After applying these three HVAC system update innovations, you will save a lot of money through energy conservation without buying an entirely new system. Call The Cooling Company today to learn more about innovative HVAC updates.

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