3 Dangerous Consequences of Neglecting Your Air Conditioner

If you’ve ever experienced an unexpected breakdown of your air conditioning system, you know what a disruption it can bring to your everyday life. However, there are potential dangers to these breakdowns that may be acting as a safety feature that is rarely mentioned. Most people rely on their air conditioner to get them through the hot summer months, which is just one of the reasons it’s so important to have an HVAC maintenance plan with skilled professionals so that they can identify issues before they occur.

Your air conditioner is a complex piece of machinery, and just like a car, a number of parts need to be inspected, cleaned and replaced to keep it running smoothly. This is so important that most manufacturers will not allow you to place a claim against your warranty if you didn’t have regular inspection & maintenance performed.

1. Dirty Filters

One simple process that a professional inspector will perform is checking for dirty filters. Letting your filters go for too long can result in clogged coils, restricted airflow, leaks and burn out. Having your filters cleaned or replaced will ensure that your system operates properly for much longer.

2. Broken Electric Connections

Attempting to operate your air conditioner with broken electric connections could not only destroy the entire system, but it could also potentially be very dangerous. A damaged electric system could result in a fire or even an explosion. A qualified professional will know how to spot such damage and replace your parts before any major issues occur.

3. Dangerous Gas Leaks

A damaged air conditioning system can sometimes leak dangerous gasses into the surrounding environment, including carbon monoxide. If enough of this poisonous gas gets into the air, it could potentially kill you or someone you love. A qualified professional will be able to check that your system is venting properly.

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